What defines a luxury candle ? Our ‘luxury’ is defined by craftsmanship and quality. Creating a luxury candle is a multi-faceted journey, one similar to the making of a complex fine perfume or beautiful skincare. Fragrance, wax, wick, and container together all play a part in creating a luxury candle experience.

Who are we?

We are a family owned and operated small business based in Sydney, Australia. Our brand is chic, elegant and our ingredients are of the highest standard. We produce quality and quantity. All our products are hand poured and created by ‘humans’ = yip, no machines involved here and this is the way we like it! We are passionate about our brand, our look, our ingredients, our integrity and our customers so rest assured YOU are our Numero uno! We are constantly drinking good coffee (not negotiable) creating, strategizing and looking at ways to improve products, processes, communication, logistics and any aspect that will ensure our customer remains the no 1 focus of our business. Without YOU there is no US, and we are open to growing and learning so please drop us a line at any time for any advice, comments, ideas or even criticism to help us do things better.

Our vision is to evoke a personal experience with every product in our range. One that brings joy, happiness and a reminder that you are loved every time you light up a candle, inhale a luxurious diffuser or are enveloped in the velvety luxury of our bath oils.


Is the essence of the candle. Inspiration for a fragrance can come from many different places and experiences. Memories, a holiday, a song, a person a time in ones life.

Candles to provide a multi-sensory experience. Scent plays such an important part in our memories. Like, the smell of baking bread reminds me of my grandmother, and a wood-burning fireplace reminds me of the holidays.

Transform the ambiance of your rooms with the soft glow from a burning perfume candle and envelop your home with a beautiful couture fragrance.  Create a warm, welcoming and fragrant atmosphere with our scented candles. All BDL candles and products are Handmade and hand poured by skilled artisans with passion. We only use 100% natural wax for a long, clean burn.  Scented candles are a lovely addition to any elegant and environmentally conscious home.

You can rest assured that perfume candles from BDL include only the best natural ingredients and are healthy for your home and family.

What Does The Brand Represent?

Inspired by Coco Chanel, alluring simplicity defined by the quality of our ingredients and the chic monochrome packaging. We aim to remain bespoke, customer focused and committed to the vision of the brand.

Lara Campese
New Owner

Mum of 3, Lara Campese bought this business after falling in love with the brand when living in the Southern Highlands, where the business was based. With a strong background in retail and business, Lara immediately identified the potential in the brand and jumped at the opportunity when it came onto the market. After relocating from the Southern highlands, the business now operates from Sydney. 


Although Bougies de Luxe is an existing brand, Lara’s focus has been on restoring the reputation of the brand through realigning it with HER values, her professionalism and her customer-centric focus. She is hard at work with some exciting enhancements which include a new website, new product ranges, expansion into corporate gifting and expanding the brand’s retail presence Australia wide. 


We encourage you to experience any one of our boutique range of products as we are confident you’ll fall in love with the new Bougies de Luxe.