Luxe Cloche Candles

Light up your life with a 270g Soy Wax


Petite Candles

Find your flame with a 180g Soy Wax


Bath & Body Oil

Rest & Relax with a 200ml Bottle



Escape your scent with a 200ml Bottle


Corporate Gifting

Spread the joy with the blend of the best


Body Range

Coming Soon!



The Trio

Your selection of 3 Petite Candles in fragrances of your choice.

$84 Save 20%

Petite Luxe

Petite Candle & Bath Oil with your choice of fragrance.

$55 – Save 15%

Premium Luxe

Diffuser, Petite & Cloche Candle with your choice of fragrance.

$122 – Save 20%